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Rebecca Kacaba Featured In The Canadian Lawyer

Published on 16 August 2018

Lawyers are now venturing into the startup business, after discovering that there is great potential and much to explore in the field. Developments by innovative lawyers have led to an overlap between their field of work and technology, as there is great demand for startup legal advice. Exemplifying this coalition between the business of law and technology, Rebecca Kacaba created a blog, intended for creative entrepreneurs and people from the business-tech sector, and continues to run it.

Even though most of her clientele comes from a tech background, Kacaba says that she generates new business through the old-fashioned ‘word-of-mouth’ method. Kacaba believes that her clients recommend her to new people due to the service she has provided them with and because they are aware of the work that she has done. However advanced the startup business may get, it eventually comes down to the quality of work done and the experience that clients are provided with.

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