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Newsletter March 2020

Published on 01 March 2020

With the NBA season suspended, the NHL cautioning their teams against practices, and governments increasingly enacting measures to stem the spread of Coronavirus, we ask our subscribers to practice safety protocols and keep abreast of the most important news from the World Health Organization

We are increasingly seeing conferences moving online and investor one-on-one's happening virtually. Our team continues to see a high volume of requests to move existing deals online, using links like this one, to onboard subscribers safely without the need for in-person meetings.

We’ll continue to keep you posted about what we see in the capital markets.

We are here to help keep deals alive, digitally.

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News from the SEC

Big news for Regulation A! On March 4, 2020, the SEC proposed a set of amendments including two major updates: 

1. New 75M maximum offering amount for Tier 2 of Regulation A 

2. New $22.5M maximum offering amount for secondary sales under Tier 2 of Regulation A

According to the SEC - "[these], proposed amendments [will] provide a more rational framework, eliminate complexity and increase access to capital while preserving and enhancing important investor protections". This is good. At DealMaker, we are all about eliminating complexity. Email us at to chat about how we can support an offering under Reg A.



DealMaker took part in The 2020 Qualified Capital Investor Pitch Event in NYC last month. We heard some great pitches by the talented selection of Entrepreneurs and CEO's. Watch for Rebecca's comments in the event video by JV Public Relations NY (4:12). 



Canadian company Hervé Edibles pulls off big retail launch after raising $1.65M with DealMaker

This month we will be sharing the story of Hervé, a Canadian edibles company making luxury French infused desserts. We are excited to break down the story of how Hervé used DealMaker to rally local investors and execute a $1.65M raise. 

Stay tuned for this volume of Deals Deconstructed, where we'll break down Hervé's success story with DealMaker. Coming soon!


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