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Newsletter June 2020

Published on 12 June 2020

Deals are booming. DealMaker has experienced a substantial recent uptick in deal volume - with a 160% increase in May over April and June on track for a 107% increase over May. The upward trend is expected to continue, both on DealMaker and in the global capital markets, more broadly.



Exciting news from the CSA which has announced new rules that will "enable issuers to raise capital in “at-the-market” (ATM) distributions without first seeking certain exemptions." These new rules will "give issuers a faster and more cost-effective way to raise capital, which may be substantially beneficial to them particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Louis Morisset, chair of the CSA and President and CEO of the Autorité des marchés financiers.

Read the full article here.



Zoom has quickly become the go-to tool for investors conducting remote meetings but now Cisco Talos is encouraging Zoom clients to take proper precautions to protect themselves and their information. "Cisco Talos recently discovered two vulnerabilities in the popular Zoom video chatting application that could allow a malicious user to execute arbitrary code on victims’ machines," says Jon Munshaw. The vulnerabilities involve crafted messages featuring animated GIFS and shared code snippets. More details on the vulnerabilities are available in the full post from Cisco Talos. 

Read the full post here.



This month we will be sharing the story of Field Trip, a leading company at the forefront of the psychedelics industry. We are excited to break down the story of how Field Trip used DealMaker to rally investors from around the globe and execute an $8.5raise. 

Stay tuned for this volume of Deals Deconstructed, where we'll break down Field Trip's success story with DealMaker. Coming soon!



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