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Newsletter January 2020

Published on 01 January 2020

Happy New Year! With 2020 comes a new year and new features from DealMaker. In this special edition of our newsletter, we're proud to announce the launch of our newest offering - Know Your Client (KYC) functionality and daily deal digests.



DealMaker Digital KYC

Our digital Know Your Client (KYC) solution helps our customers manage compliance approvals and KYC directly from the DealMaker platform - all while enjoying the benefits of DealMaker's integrated investment CRM and real-time data tracking. The first of it's kind, DealMaker integrates KYC with deal documents - increasing compliance and accuracy while also improving the investor experience.

  • Digitized documents for streamlined onboarding
  • Real-time data for instant insights and monitoring
  • Compliant, deficiency-free submissions
  • Groundbreaking integration of KYC with deal documents

If you're ready to take the friction out of KYC and compliance, get in touch with our specialist team at



Automate Status Updates With Deal Digest

When launching deals on DealMaker, users can now leverage automatic Deal Digest emails, providing regular snapshots of deal progress right to key stakeholders' inbox, and recommending the next steps. These updates help align teammates and advisors, further streamlining and speeding the path to closing.

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