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Newsletter December 2020

Published on 01 December 2019

Happy Holidays! With American Thanksgiving behind us, the holiday season has officially started. The new year is on the horizon and it's natural to look back at the year past. At DealMaker, we're proud of what we've accomplished and how fast our team has grown. To our customers and supporters, thanks for helping us get here. We can't wait for what comes next!

But before we take a pause for the holidays, let's run through what the DealMaker team has been up to the past few weeks.


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Rounding Options in the Capital Markets  

In international securities transactions, small details often compound to larger, meaningful impact. Our team is proud to share a working piece on Rounding Options in the capital markets, which breaks down how transacting by the number of securities (versus dollar amounts) minimizes partial rounding in currency conversion, ensuring a compliant ledger and transaction history. Check out the full piece here and share it with your network!




It's a CSE Thanksgiving  

Our team had the pleasure of joining our partners at The Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) for an American Thanksgiving celebration. While wings, drinks, and a football triple-header are reason enough to celebrate, it was great to have the chance to connect with other CSE partners and new issuers.


Send Us Your Reg As!  

At DealMaker, we're on a mission to fundamentally improve the capital raising process for issuers, investors, lawyers, and brokers alike. Recently, our team has assembled a full-service Reg A support package, streamlining the full Reg A process from filing to closing. Subscribers, if you or anyone you know is intent on pursuing a Reg A financing, send their information our way! We'd love to help support.


DealMaker @ The Legal Innovation Zone

Last week, our CEO Rebecca Kacaba spoke with the DMZ at Ryerson University. She shared her experience in streamlining the process of navigating financing rounds, leading attendees through our first "DealMaker U" capital markets training session. 


The 2019 FinTech & AI Awards

Co-Founder and CRO Mat Goldstein (Right) and Growth Manager Aaron Shafton (Left) represented DealMaker at the 2019 FinTech & AI Awards this November. DealMaker was nominated for the RegTech of the Year award, recognizing companies making valuable innovation at the intersection of finance and the law and providing leadership in responsible innovation.


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