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Newsletter August 2020

Published on 31 August 2020

August brought a high level of activity - signalling resilience in the capital markets. At DealMaker, we're looking ahead to September in anticipation of yet another gainful month.


SEC Expands Accredited Investor Qualification

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has expanded the definition of an accredited investor, allowing

"defined measures of professional knowledge, experience or certifications in addition to the existing tests"

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How DealMaker™ and HelloSign are Transforming the Capital Markets

HelloSign shares the story of our powerful technology partnership in their latest case study.

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LegalTech In Action

"One of the best examples of legal automation is contract management technology."  

Nearly 80% of organizations have experienced moderate to severe impacts on their contracts and trading relationships amid COVID-19, says IACCM's research.

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Financial Markets Are Forging Ahead

Harvard Business Review's Advice to Leaders Now?

1. Pause and Take Stock

2. Build Resilience

3. Capture Advantage 

"Although we have seen the worst growth decline on record, financial markets are buoyant."

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IRROC Announces New Registrant Standards

"By establishing clear, specific standards for IIROC registrants, we are providing value to investors and the financial system in the way we regulate, and in the way we protect and promote the health of Canada's capital markets," says Elsa Renzella, IIROC's Senior Vice-President of Enforcement and Registration.

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Deals Deconstructed

Next, our team will highlight the story of UIT Funds. We look forward to sharing how UIT's team has leveraged DealMaker to close multiple groundbreaking raises. Stay tuned for this volume of Deals Deconstructed, where we'll break down UIT's success story with DealMaker. Coming soon!

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