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Digital Transaction Management - A Global Trend

Published on 14 May 2020

DTM Digital Transaction Management is the management of document-based transactions using digital tools. Organizations are rapidly adopting DTM initiatives to streamline workflows - creating organizational efficiencies and optimizing productivity. Reports on the state of digital transaction management and digital document transformation show that successful companies are aware of the strategic advantages and are rapidly embracing these initiatives.

Spotlighting Some Key Stats: 

  • 89% believe that the key to successful Digital Transformation is getting a grip on the way that documents and contracts are created, managed, and stored across the organization.1
  • By YE 2020, 65% of enterprises will have re-architected their document processes with a focus on automated creation and routing.2
  • 74% of companies reporting significant revenue growth over the last year rate their DX initiatives as successful, while companies with decreasing revenue reported a 17% success rate.1


                      Manual Workflows                                


of organizations still manually generate and review every new document or contract, cutting back on efficiency1



use paper documents, and mail them or pass them hand to hand. Ad hoc, unreliable, paper-based processes introduce significant risk and cost1



                                             Automated Workflows


connect process steps in the cloud, cutting out the errors and omissions that occur when people do everything1



store documents in a central repository, making it possible to find, track, and search critical documents1



                 Digital Transaction Management Market - Growth By Region (2019-2024)



Financings Down In Silicon Valley 


   Venture Financings    

In Silicon Valley 

January 20203


Venture Financings

in Silicon Valley 

March 20203


The decline in March financings probably reflects both some pulling forward of deals into earlier months as well as a slow down in new deals due to the pandemic and related economic uncertainty, offset in part by a desire in March to complete financings as quickly as possible to make sure existing companies were adequately capitalized for the uncertain times ahead.

The world needs a boost to keep financings going and DTM initiatives are the solution. DTM initiatives were built to support companies — as simple solutions that deliver results with speed. Now is the time to take advantage of the tools available and power forward — capitalized and competitive. 


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