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DealMaker Featured In The Globe and Mail

Published on 03 September 2019

In an exclusive interview with The Globe and Mail, DealMaker CEO and co-founder Rebecca Kacaba spoke about her journey from a capital markets lawyer to an entrepreneur and shared the many ways DealMaker is dramatically improving the private placement process.

Forms would be printed out and scanned multiple times as they were e-mailed between brokers and investors, and lawyers would often find errors or deficiencies, requiring them to be sent back, says Rebecca Kacaba, explaining the traditionally cumbersome process of closing a private placement deal. 

To date, DealMaker has already helped issuers across industries raise over $80 Million from investors in 25+ countries, and growth continues to be a priority.

An investor can complete the necessary paperwork in under 6 minutes, which means private placement deals can close faster. 


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