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Mind-Bending Experiences

Published on 26 June 2020

Field Trip Psychedelics, the world’s first mental wellness company of its kind, is redefining mental health with groundbreaking psychedelic therapies that deliver unparalleled healing experiences. 

Founders Joseph del Moral, Ronan Levy, and Hannan Fleiman had a vision - to reshape the mental health space and improve the quality of life for individuals around the world.  As pioneers in the cannabis space, entry into psychedelics was a natural next move for the three founders.

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With dedicated leadership, a groundbreaking mission, and the attention of a robust investor base, the next piece of the puzzle for the company was raising capital to fuel the scaling and expansion of the business.  With locations in Los Angeles, New York, and Toronto, Field Trip turned to’s cloud-based deal management portal, to run an international capital raise aimed at sophisticated, savvy investors.

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Leveraging DealMaker’s digital platform, Field Trip rapidly closed over 90 investors from 7 countries. Deal Highlights:

  • DealMaker’s digital portal made it possible to complete a subscription agreement, sign electronically, and submit funding all online.
  • DealMaker’s tracking functionality gave the founders real-time insight into each subscriber, including location, completion status, and funding amounts.
  • Reducing time to closing, elimination of expenses on review, and re-signature of documentation = more time and resources for the founders to focus on transforming mental health.
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Powered by DealMaker technology, Field Trip efficiently managed relations with and closed investors based around the world - providing each a premier experience. The company raised over $8.5 million from more than 90 investors, leveraging DealMaker’s digital technology and automation to eliminate manual paperwork and errors while unlocking capital and organizational resources. 


Over 90 investors

closed their subscriptions

completely online

Investors from

7 countries

subscribed through DealMaker



raised from investors

Across North America, Asia and Europe


Ronan Levy, Founder, and Executive Chairman said:

It was amazing to see how DealMaker simplified the investment process, beginning to end. Our investors enjoyed how easy the software made it for them to sign and submit their documents - on time and free of errors. DealMaker is hands down the best way to manage a capital raise.


For the visionaries behind Field Trip, leveraging the best-in-class tools to power their groundbreaking work is essential. With investors expecting a premier experience that reflects the innovative work of the company they’re investing in. DealMaker delivers. 


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